Anna Day
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Managing Director and Founder

Anna has managed charities and social enterprises for 11 years, and most recently as chief executive for the past ten years. An expert in training chief executives, fundraising, charity governance, and leadership, Anna coaches and trains charities and their executive teams.

Leadership Resident

Pankaj is our resident leadership course developer and assists us in academic research in leadership, international bid development, and specialises in green energy, and international sustainable investment.

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Adam Irvine
Senior Trusts and Foundations Associate
Dumisani Nyathi
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Strategic Advisor- Charity CEO and Charity Leaders Network

Dumisani Nyathi has worked in the voluntary sector for over 20 years and has joined us to guide the development of our new CEO and Charity Leader network to reach the leaders not conventionally able to access good leadership training. Dumisani is an ambitious voluntary sector leader who is mobilising communities and organisations to respond to COVID.

Zulfi Hussain MBE
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Zulfi has a successful speaking and coaching career and extensive history of being both a committed philanthropist and trustee. He coaches chairs to help them maximise their roles.

His background spans NHS charities, as well as education and training, international development relief efforts.