Fundraising & Growth Support

We help charities from the very first stages of raising their first ever funds, to helping established charities diversify their funding in a crisis. We support charities with finding emergency funding, as well as guide charities how to manage through growth, or loss of funding. We are experts in turnaround funding, supporting charities to find grants, training trust and foundations fundraisers, and we offer a coaching series to charity leaders to help them manage the fundraising function, set a fundraising strategy and help them hire their first fundraiser. Our work focuses on coming up with sustainable long term solutions, and we firmly believe in doing consultancy which is a combination of teach, do, evaluate and learn. We aim to always coach at least one person in the organisation to become a permanent fundraiser.

Our team have extraordinary experience of raising multi-millions of pounds for charities, mostly in the small charity sector (by Charity Commission definition of <£1m) and can offer excellent, time limited projects and outsourced support to transform your charity into a funding magnet!


The Centre for Social Change was founded in 2018 by Anna Day and has since gone on to become an established consultancy supporting charities, their governance and their leadership teams, specialising in smaller charities Read more.


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