Dr Balu Pitchiah

Executive Wellbeing Coach

Expert in emotional intelligence and how our emotions impact our decision making.

Balu Pitchiah originally studied medicine in Chennai, India before continuing to study in Sheffield UK. He was inspired by the works of Dr Steve Peters, a leading Mind Management expert and research at the Sheffield Cognition and Neuro-imaging laboratory. He was involved in setting up and management of an inpatient facility which focused on the rehabilitation and empowerment of people.

Balu had the privilege of studying and working with some of the most accomplished entrepreneurial minds in during his one year of full-time MBA at the SAID Business School, University of Oxford. He developed an interest in Organisational behaviour and the impact of emotions on decision making.He retains a keen interest in the field of neuro-economics and behavioural finance. During his work within the Investment management sector, he was able to help several professionals successfully overcome anxiety, anger, fear, procrastination, obsessional tendencies, and addictions.