Haddy Folivi

Publicity Specialist

Haddy Folivi - Publicity Specialist

Haddy Folivi is a Publicity specialist who lives in London, but has clients internationally. Haddy has secured 26 pieces in Forbes magazine; pieces in CNBC; Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan + many more and in over 46 countries worldwide. To date, she has been responsible for placing over $2million in media coverage for over 60 clients, and loves to help charities raise the profile of their causes.

In addition to publicity, Haddy has secured a number of speaking engagements, and has put some of her clients alongside the likes of Bill Clinton, Brian Tracey and many more. She has also helped her clients to win top business awards, and helped one client to make the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Despite her list of business achievements, Haddy has a very direct, down to earth approach.


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